Ogston Music School

20 June 2017

The four engrossing artistic works on display in the new Ogston Music School are the creations of St Edward’s own Art teacher, Lorraine Turley. Originally smaller oil on canvass paintings by Lorraine from 2015 and 2016, these enlarged pieces are based on memories of Scotland and Iceland.

Lorraine’s landscape works are created entirely from memories of specific places of note to her. The acoustic banners – or baffles – on display in the Ogston Music School are based on her memories of Arran, Scotland, predominantly Rannoch Moor, Glen Coe and Arran, (hanging in the main foyer), a 2015 work of the same name; and Iceland (the three pieces along the corridor), a 2016 creation entitled ‘Crepuscular’. It captures the moment in the day as twilight starts to descend into night. The two smaller baffles are based on the same piece, and are cropped details that have been electronically altered to give an alternative impression.

Designed to evoke a sense of place and memory in the viewer, they allow you to create your own personal relationship and dialogue with the work, and to be transported to a place where sound, light, emotion and image are at the centre of your experience. The interplay of the light, warmth of the colour palette, and resonance of mood and impermanence in the visuals, combine emotively, and compliment the sounds of musical endeavour as they drift around the building.

© 2024 Lorraine Turley. No reproduction without prior permission.