Murmurings Exhibition 2015

22 October 2015

Lorraine Turley studied at the Glasgow School of Art. Her work is concerned with the contextual response to words, memory, relationships and experience. Landscape and text based images are created in response to the written word and memories of places visited. Layered and obscured, the text becomes indiscernible and reads as marks. As a visual image, the work resonates mood, impermanence and continuum.

The paintings evoke transient snapshots and memories of places visited. They allow the viewer to create a personal relationship and dialogue with the work and to be transported to a place where sound, light, emotion and image form the experience when looking at the work. The work comes from the imagination: not from photographs or from life, but from the artist’s memories of places. They are murmurings from the past – real from imagined.

Wednesday 18th November to Saturday 5th December 2015
The North Wall Gallery
Monday-Friday 10am-4pm
Saturdays 12pm-4pm

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